Starfall: Ronin

Starfall: Ronin

Casual, Tactical Space Combat

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Starfall: Ronin is a turn-based strategy shooter for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Issue orders to your fleet, then watch as the action plays out simultaneously with your opponent. Stay out of range of the enemy ships and try to maneuver into a strategic position to do the most damage. Have your fleet work together, drawing fire with one of your stronger ships, while maneuvering your faster ships in from behind.

Beware the hazards of space, such as asteroids, as they can quickly tear your fleet apart. Damaged ships can quickly lose control over their ability to turn and even attack.

The goal is simple; destroy the enemy fleet before they destroy you. Earn resources and use them to increase your fleet, buy new abilities and upgrade your ships. Can you create a fleet powerful enough to take on the enemy Dreadnaughts and Battle Stations?

We're always working to add in new ships, new abilities and new mission types to expand the game. Check back often, for the latest additions!

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Starfall: Ronin is FREE!

If the videos and screenshots weren't enough to convince you, you can now grab a free copy of the game and try it for yourself! Help us spread the word. Tell your friends, and don't forget to let us know what you think!

Grab your copy of Starfall: Ronin Free on the AppStore now! Available for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.